When is Your Product Launch Ready

User acquisition doesn't really make sense unless you already have healthy retention.

As soon as you see that early users are coming back and you’re successfully engaging them, you can think about growth more systematically. Before that point, you’ve got an issue with product-market fit and your energy should go into dissecting and fixing that.

Aha moments

Which milestones in the user experience flow creates «aha moments»? On Facebook, people tended to become engaged users after gaining a certain number of friends within a short time span.

A moment where the user tend to get it and why the product will be powerful for them.

Those are the moments you really want to capitalize on in order to move users beyond just trying things out. You have to anticipate what emotional experience your users want to have and then deliver it to them immediately.

  • How soon can you showcase all the possibility your product has for them?

That’s the real challenge.

Figma also talks about this; When you think about gating your product, consider how you can funnel customers toward your magic moment and get them to experience that as quickly as possible.

The Figma team focused on two barometers to assess their launch readiness:

  • Generating buzz: When designers would literally push Dylan out of the way during the demo so they could test Figma out themselves.
  • Quality, not quantity: Focus on getting one team to use Figma full-time.

Find your aha moments. Get people to love your product. Launch and grow.