Finally a Browser-based GIS Software

Atlas is the new standard for GIS software. Simple and powerful, right in the browser. Step into Atlas to explore, analyze and share geospatial data. The software aims to give analysts, of any skill a chance to create maps and analyze geospatial data rapidly, together with their co-members.

Atlas is for analysts, cartographers, planners, managers, teachers or anyone who is looking to create a map analyze geospatial data or just tell a story. Atlas is especially advantageous for team projects, where collaboration is mandatory.

Atlas logo
Atlas symbol

The Atlas Symbol

A globe is the most universally recognized symbol representing the Earth and geographical aspects.

As a GIS software operates with geospatial data, the globe symbol instantly communicates the core purpose and function of the software - working with geographical information, mapping, and spatial analysis.

Say goodbye to static maps

The gradient colors symbolize dynamic data representation. As the software working with maps and geographical data historically has remained relatively static, Atlas is the symbol of a new approach to make maps.

Atlas transforms maps from a static environment to a dynamic and evolving world.

Atlas logo variations

Atlas color gradients